BBQ wedding catering

BBQ – £30 pp - Staff and Everything you need including linen, crockery, and Waitresses to help serve and clean up after!


Handmade Burgers –

6 oz Quality gourmet beef burger

Mexican pulled jackfruit burger (v) (vegan)

Vegetable gourmet burger (v)

 Kebabs –

Vegetable kebab - aubergine, peppers, onion, mushroom marinated in garlic (v) (vegan)

Tandoori marinated chicken skewer with coriander

Local Butcher’s Own Gourmet Sausages –

 Cumberland pork sausage – succulent with distinctive seasoning

Vegetable sausage (v) – quality vegetable sausage


Corn on the Cobs

Green Salad


Potato Salad

Brioche Rolls

wedding catering loves Hamburgers in Grill

South African Braai – £40 pp


Meat Kebabs –

Peri Peri marinated chicken skewer

Fish Kebab

Tiger Prawn and Peppers

South African Gourmet Sausages –



Smoked Pork Ribs


6oz Rump

Pork Chop


Mielies (corn on cobs)

Carrot and pineapple


Potato Salad

Rice Salad

Soft Rolls

(substitute Veggie options from the Standard BBQ menu)

Gregg Wallace BBC Masterchef 

“I tell you what, you won’t understand a barbecue until you’ve eaten with the South Africans around a braai. I hate barbecues in the UK, they’re always put together by people who don’t cook. Out there (in SA), you won’t believe the quality. I saw someone baking a cake on a barbecue.They have got to be seen to be believed. They’ve got bits of lamb’s liver, on their braais, that are wrapped in fat, called skilpadjies, that with a cold beer are absolutely stunning. I just could not leave them alone, I mean they properly make your fingers sticky,” says Gregg.